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Club Directors

The Current Reality


Do you know ​45 percent of young athletes indicated they had been insulted, bullied, intimidated, and called names by their coaches?  Do you realize 4 of the top 10 reasons youth quit sports today had something to do with their coaches?  Reasons like...they're afraid of making mistakes, they feel disrespected, they don't like the coach, it's no longer fun, and of course the infamous not enough playing time.  When you get right down to it, young athletes are not gaining the valuable life-lessons people claim they receive by playing sports.

When pressed further to find out what young athletes WANT from their coaches, it's rather simple. According to the research, here are the top five things they would appreciate in their coaches:

  1. Respect and encouragement

  2. A positive role model

  3. Clear and consistent communication

  4. Knowledge of the sport so they can improve their skills

  5. Someone who listens

A New Possibility


Here's a perfect solution to help you increase your player retention as well as the club's reputation for developing better coaches. With our TIMEOUT! 360 survey, you can have a feedback system that:

  • offers a self-assessment by the coach

  • is mobile-friendly and easy to administer

  • offers confidentiality for players and parents who provide feedback

  • measures your coaches' effectiveness against a national database

  • provides a trend line with improvement over time

Ready to get started?

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