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The genesis for Dare2Coach came from countless conversations with players, coaches, administrators, and parents at all levels who are asking the same questions.

  • How are coaches impacting players?

  • Is coaching more than wins and losses?

  • What kind of helpful feedback do COACHES receive?

  • Are players able to share their feedback in a safe way?

From  these repeated conversations, it became apparent sports programs needed a new mechanism to positively impact coaching development.


Dare2Coach was launched to offer a new way to collect feedback and to share information with coaches.  Using a research-intensive approach, Dare2Coach developed a mobile-friendly 360-degree survey to provide a safe, effective way for players and others to share feedback.


Although wins and losses are the traditional way to gauge a coach's success, we believe HOW coaches choose to win is the ultimate measure of success.


To be a positive influence in the world of coaching.


Our mission is to provide effective feedback mechanisms for coaches, players, clubs, athletic directors, and school administrators to improve coaching and the overall experience for athletes.


  • Be kind

  • Be humble

  • Be positive

  • Be genuine

  • Be confident

  • Be innovative

  • Be accountable

  • Be generous and give back

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