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Milan Larson

Milan is the Founder/CEO of Dare2Coach and has spent 30+ years helping organizations understand the benefits of a healthy, positive culture. He has a PhD in organizational behavior and human resource management with a specific focus in leadership development, employee retention, and building great companies.  As a former college athlete and more recently as a dad of two athletic daughters who have participated in sports, he's been involved with sports his whole life.

Dilan Yowell

Dilan is an Ambassador and Advisory Board Member for Dare2Coach.  He brings a wealth of experience as a former Division I athlete and understands coaching.  His passion for life and creating better opportunities for young people is an incredible asset to Dare2Coach.

David Thomas

David is an Ambassador and Advisory Board Member for Dare2Coach. He's a serial entrepreneur and offers great insights to launching businesses. In addition David has a PhD in Human Resource Studies and is a former college track athlete.

John Paradis

John is an Advisory Board Member for Dare2Coach.  He's spent his career in the marketing profession with the most relevant being 10 years in the promotion and media relations area for NCAA Divsion I programs.  These external relationship-building skills are extremely valuable to Dare2Coach.   He is also a dad to three young daughters and sees the incredible need for coaching development.

Shana Easley

Shana is an Advisory Board Member for Dare2Coach.  She is has been a head softball coach and on several coaching staffs at the division I level and offers great ideas and advice from a coach's perspective. She has an incredible gift as a coach who values continuous improvement - her combination of confidence and humility makes her a very special coach.

Melinda Fleeman

Melinda is an Advisory Board Member for Dare2Coach.  She is an administrator in division I sports as well as other sports organizations.   She really appreciates great coaching and understands what it takes to succeed at a high level.  Her organizational skills bring great value to Dare2Coach's programming and execution.

Amy Anderson

Amy is an Advisory Board Member for Dare2Coach.  Amy offers insights from every aspect of sports. She's a former Division I athlete.  She is a coach.  And she's a parent of a very talented daughter who competes at the highest level. With her experience in every part of sports and her continual passion for sports, Amy's ideas and suggestions are un-matchable.

Marcus Longwell

Marcus is an Advisory Board Member for Dare2Coach.  Marcus is the Founder & CEO of CodingColorado, a web-development company, and brings his technology wisdom to Dare2Coach.  He is a former athlete and as soon as he saw the concept of Dare2Coach and its mission to positively impact youth sports through web-based tools, he immediately offered his expertise.

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