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Do you know everyone has at least one blindspot...and most likely several blindspots.  How these blindspots impact one's effectiveness as a coach can be significant.  Research has discovered the biggest impact of coaches having too many blindspots is their reduced effectiveness.


Even more important is that blindspots are hardest to detect when our confidence is high.  As you can imagine coaches, by nature are confident...and should be.  Still, the challenge is having a healthy balance between confidence and humility.

So how do YOU accurately assess this balance between confidence and humility?  If you're a coach who only measures your success by wins and losses, chances are you could be hindered by blindspots.

What do players want?

When pressed further to find out what young athletes WANT from their coaches, it's rather simple. The top five things they'd appreciate in their coaches:

  1. Respect and encouragement

  2. A positive role model

  3. Clear and consistent communication

  4. Knowledge of the sport so they can improve their skils

  5. Someone who listens

How can you gauge your impact?


Our TIMEOUT! 360 survey can help you accurately understand your effects as a coach beyond wins and losses.  With our survey, you can have a survey that:

  • is easy to administer

  • discovers your blindpots

  • shows where your perceptions are consistent with others

  • show where your perceptions are inconsistent...offering ways to improve 

  • offers confidentiality for players and parents who provide feedback

  • compares your effectiveness against a national database of coaches
  • provides a trend line with improvement over time

How Does it Work?

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Ready to get started?

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