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TripAdvisor. BestBuy. Verizon. Sprint. Dare2coach.

What's the last thing you purchased over $100? Was it a hotel room? Did you look-up any reviews about the hotel? TripAdvisor? How about a new tv? How did you to determine if your new tv was going to be a Samsung, a Sharp, a Sony? Have you changed cell-phone carriers lately? How did you decide what carrier to select? If you haven't changed providers but you're thinking about it...why are you thinking about? What if your purchase was over $1000? Would you just swipe your card and hope you got your $1000 worth of "goods."

Yes we love reviews, don't we. In fact, haven't we become accustomed to reviews to help us feel comfortable with what we're getting ourselves into? In sports, this element is missing and we're filling the void with TIMEOUT! 360. It's a way for sports organizations to gather a more complete picture of their coaches and how well their coaches are leading their players. As a club director or an athletic director, you can use this process to brag about the great coaches you have in your club or in your schools. The feedback report provides a "scoreboard" on the results and it's an easy, yet informative snapshot on how others are perceiving the coach. Wouldn't it be nice as an administrator to get a quick glance throughout a season on how things are going? Don't just wait until the end of the season to collect feedback on coaches, start earlier and collect it often...that way your coach can make adjustments during the season and be more successful by post-season.

Here's the reaction from an athlete who' participated in the TIMEOUT! 360 process:

"the first time I was asked to participate with the survey, I was actually shocked. I've been playing sports for a long time and this was the first time I was asked. It made a huge impression that my coach was willing to hear what our team had to say. I felt safe telling him the truth because the survey was online. I've been asked previously by my other coaches but it's usually been spontaneous and I was't prepared to tell them in any kind of constructive way. The best part of the entire process was when my coach shared the results and made a few changes to the way he was coaching me and my teammates. I hope we continue to use Dare2Coach's survey." - 19 year old athlete

With Dare2Coach's process you choose who's invited to share the feedback, however, we believe there is greater value to ask as many different groups as possible. The administration steps make it very easy to extend the invitation to as many people as possible. The benefits of a larger number of participants are greater than if you only ask a select few. If you want get started today, it's super easy, just follow the link here. Looking forward to helping you change the conversation within your club, school, and team.


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